MACE - TARIQ AL GHANIM CO. (Joint Venture)

Tariq Al GHANIM and MACE  Joint Venture in Abu Dhabi
MACE- TARIQ AL GHANIM (MT) created a landscaping and irrigation company in order to have a share of the landscape market in UAE, which is estimated by more than AED 2billion.

Our Goals

The Joint Venture aims to become the UAE’s leading provider of quality solution for landscaping, pest control and the outside living environment

We aim to provide our clients with professional, timely and quality service.

Our Objectives
The main objectives of our company include the following:

1- Design and executive innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly landscapes suitable for both the unique needs of our client and the climate.

Provide landscape maintenance service, ranging from residence through to large- scale municipal projects.

Design and install irrigation system, including fully-automated and highly efficient system to minimize water consumption.

Build, operate and manage greenhouse and garden centers for production of ornamental and agricultural plants and other related requisites.

Develop and execute forestry projects and green belts to increase the green areas in and around cities and communities in the UAE.

Provide a full range of pest control management service, including provision of service to sensitive locations and 24-hour call out service.

Provide a full range of environmental consulting service pertaining to organic agriculture, water minimization, energy efficiency, water conservation and horticulture.

Our Main Service
The company offers a broad range of landscaping, pest control and related consulting service which are focused on enhancing the quality of life for the people of UAE and other countries in which we operate.

Our Landscape Division can carry out all aspects of the design and execution of contemporary landscapes. Specifically, both soft and hard landscape elements can be incorporated to attain a balanced and lush landscape that meets the unique needs to each client while at the same time are in harmony with both the lifestyle and climate of the UAE. We strive to ensure that our designs and project executions are done to meet the highest industry standards.

Our international and local staffs have both the knowledge and practice experience to meet the demands and desire of all our clients, including homeowners, urban developers and municipal managers. Our project engineers work closely with each client, from start to finish, to ensure each project is completed in a timely and professional manner and that the clients’ expectations are fully realized in the final landscape.

Our irrigation Division focus on the design and execution of state-of-the-art-irrigation systems those are suitable for all clients. Such systems typically incorporate all components of a reliable irrigation network –including automated controllers, piping, valves and orifices.

We cater to crops, vegetables, landscaping plants and ornaments. And we incorporate to the extent possible the most modern and efficient systems that will provide optimal coverage while at the same time conserve water. We only include components of the system that are highly durable in order to ensure both longevity and low maintenance.

Greenhouse and Garden Centers
Our vast experience construction and our specialized marketing network makes MMT the company of choice for design, construction and/or operation of greenhouse and garden centers in the UAE.

Our greenhouses are designed for the unique climate requirements in UAE and for the expanding needs for plant production, nurseries and garden centers.

We utilize state-of-the-art instruments and techniques in the all types of greenhouse to optimize all aspects of operation.

The company has qualified professionals to design and execute forestry and green belt projects.

The goal of these types of projects is to establish and maintain various trees and vegetation in and around cities and communities that are desert tolerant with minimal maintenance requirements.

These projects have many benefits in addition to aesthetics; for instance, they also serve to minimize dust, improve air quality, and provide habitat to numerous animals.

Pest Control
Our Pest Control Division is experienced in the eradication of various domestic, agricultural and industrial infections.

We provide a full range of consultancy, maintenance and contracting services to all sectors, including sensitive locations and 24-hurs emergence call-out service.

We utilize eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals and traps in our treatments which fully comply with all local regulations and international best practices.

Environmental Consulting
Our Environmental consulting Division Provides the government and corporate clients with a full range of consulting services related to the outdoor living environment. Our international and local staff ensures that we provide quality services for all sizes and types of projects, including:

[] Organic agriculture consultancy
[] Waste minimization
[] Water conservation
[] Energy efficiency
[] Horticulture and plant selection
[] Training programs

Our service is done in a manner that meets both our clients’ growth and development needs and also in full compliance with local regulations and international best practices.



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