Tariq Al Ghanim Limited Landscape & Irrigation Co. was established in 1984 as a firm doing its utmost to achieve the highest standards of the industry while servicing both the public and private sectors of Kuwait.
The Company’s performance and motivation in execution of the various beautification and landscaping projects are monuments that testify to its abilities in the field.

Our staff consists of veteran engineers, experienced supervisors, enterprising technicians and numerous skilled labors who have also the necessary support personnel to assist them in their endeavors.
The company has a wide range of vehicles, machinery, equipment and tools which gives it the edge in terms of doing all relevant activities in house.

Tariq Al Ghanim Limited Co. is categorized Group I as to the standards set by the public Authority of agriculture and fish resources, we also enjoy the financial backing of various banks in Kuwait with the pertinent facilities that will allow us to tackle the biggest of projects.

Tariq Al Ghanim Limited Co. stands ready to service all the prospective clients in all aspects of the landscaping field. We aspire to tackle most projects from milestone to turn key projects. Design, standard setting, evaluation engineering and execution of any requirement in landscaping and irrigation can be achieved with the finest of details.

Our Objectives
1- To provide the best value for money, to both our customers and guests.
2- To fulfill the expectations of our personnel.
3- To look after the interest of our shareholders.
4- To contribute in the economic development of the countries in which we operate.
5- To reconcile the sometimes conflicting interests of our customers, personnel, shareholders and host countries, we have chosen the path of continuous growth which is not an end by itself but an efficient mean to achieve our objectives.

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